Scaredy Dog

A Free Dog Behavior Workshop

Is your dog suffering from anxiety or do you have a pooch who seems to be afraid of everyone and everything?

If your dog’s anxiety and fear issues have become too much for you to cope with you will want to join us on the Omaha Riverfront at 11 AM on Saturday, October 20th where Dog Behavior Expert David Codr will be hosting a free dog behavior workshop: “SCAREDY DOG” presented by Dog Gone Problems and Omaha Dog Park Advocates featuring adoptable dogs from our friends at Revolution Rescue.

Please share this event with anyone who has a fearful pooch.

Codr has traveled the country helping to REHABILITATE THOUSANDS OF DOGS IN ONLY ONE VISIT using Dog Psychology, positive reinforcement and many of the same communication cues dogs use with one another.

In this 30-minute workshop, David will share dog training secrets and behavior tips to help ease your dogs anxiety and fear while helping to teach you how to increase their self-confidence and build positive associations with things they are afraid of. With the right approach and technique, even at the most terrified dogs can learn to overcome their fears. Each workshop includes a 30-minute Q&A session where David will take dog behavior questions from the audience.

In addition to our main topic, Dog Gone Problems will be also be holding a workshops specifically for children. In this special kid-friendly workshop our goal is to teach children how dogs say please and thank you and learn the best way to approach and pet a dog as well as things to never do with a dog.

The riverfront is a very dog friendly place, but if your dog is aggressive or reactive, we advise you to let your furry friend stay at home as we are expecting a big crowd.

There is no seating at the landing but there is a nice well maintained lawn to sit on. We suggest you bring a lawn chair, something to drink and paper and pen as you will want to take down all the amazing dog training tips and secrets David will be sharing.

The workshop starts at 11 AM. The first 30 minutes will feature tips and secrets to help your furry friend remain calm and we will wrap things up with a Q&A session.

We would like to thank our Omaha Dogtopia locations as well as MOMAHA.COM and Bucky’s for sponsoring this event and helping you to help your dog.

You can attend for free if you RSVP in advance at

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, October 20th.

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Saturday, October 20th | 11:00am - 12:00pm
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