Hefflinger Dog Park

Omaha's first official dog park is an enclosed outdoor area designed for safe, off-leash play between dogs. The dog park features five acres as an "All Dog Area" and a separate two-acre area for small dogs.

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  1. Some tips before you go...

    Dog parks are best for dogs who love interacting with other dogs. They’re not for dogs who simply tolerate other dogs, dogs who only get along with certain types of dogs or dogs who routinely fight with other dogs. My dogs don’t like the dog park – too many “outgoing” dogs who play a little rough (not their fault, just their style). That said, if your dog is relentlessly attentive to another dog or dogs who don’t seem interested, walk him over to another part of the park (use your leash if you have to).

    To be well protected at the dog park, your dog should be fully vaccinated and have a good immune system. Stay up-to-date on rabies and Leptospirosis, and bordatella vaccinations. Since dogs do a lot of wrestling and running at the park, your dog should also be physically sound and free of chronic injuries or pain. Ask your veterinarian about your dog’s health-readiness for going to dog parks.

    Altered dogs To avoid unwanted sexual behavior at the dog park, it’s best to spay or neuter your dog before visiting the dog park. In fact, it’s a city law that your dog must be “fixed” before entering the dog park.

    Don’t just stand there and expect your dog to get exercise. I see people just standing around and gawking on their phones as there dogs search for something to do. This is no different than you sitting on the couch and hoping your dog jumps on the treadmill and gets some exercise. Walk around. This dog park is huge and you should walk the fence line to make sure your dog (and you) get a little exercise, especially if your dog isn’t into other dogs, like mine aren’t.

    Don’t be the problem. If your dog is starting fights, you should leave immediately. Don’t get defensive and act rudely to people who think you should reel in your out-of-control dog. Your dog’s misbehavior is most likely your fault (not enough exercise or not trained or socialized properly), so take responsibility. Leave, work on the behavior in a positive, gentle way at home, and then return to the park.

    And bring water! The water is not always turned on in this city park, so bring a jug of water and a water bowl. Your dog gets thirsty as you might expect, so don’t let her get dehydrated and overheated. Plenty of water will help. There is very little shade at this park!

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